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Image of Mark Godsy

Mark Godsy

Founder, CEO and Chairman

Mark is a non-practicing lawyer who practiced law for approximately four years in Vancouver, B.C., before becoming a serial entrepreneur approximately thirty years ago. Using his unique ability to build multi-disciplinary teams and navigate new concepts that can be both financed and commercialized, he has founded and helped build many companies over his career.

Mark was the co-founder of ID Biomedical and Angiotech Pharmaceutical, two of the most successful biotech companies ever started in Canada, each of which grew to well over $1-billion dollars in value. ID Biomedical became the 5th largest vaccine company in the World (the largest in Canada), and Angiotech developed the first coated stent that has gone on to save tens of millions of lives around the world.

He also served as CEO and now Chairman of Exro Technologies, a company that has developed arguably one of the first material improvements in electric motor efficiency and performance since electric motors were invented. Exro is now doing the same for batteries, extending the second life of EV batteries as energy storage systems.

Mark is also involved in data innovation as co-founder and founding Chairman of Mojio, which created the world’s leading connected-car platform. He is also Chairman of Code Zero, a cloud-native developers’ platform that accelerates development productivity by ten-fold.

Mark is also a co-founder, Chairman, and current CEO of Shackelford Pharma, where he and an international team of experts are working with Dr. Alan Shackelford, a pioneer in medical cannabis, to develop regulatory-approved pharma-grade endocannabinoid treatments to treat numerous diseases affecting millions of people.

Mark has a BA from UBC and a law degree from McGill University. He is a member of the Law Society of BC and serves on McGill's Faculty of Law advisory board.

The Team.

Image of Dave Segal

Dave Segal
Founder, Chief Innovation Officer

Image of Zavier Alexander

Zavier Alexander
Director of Product Management

Image of Sushmee Badhulika

Dr. Sushmee Badhulika
Advisor (Technical)

Image of Sinan Turner

Sinan Tumer
Chief Operating Officer

Image of Darcy Ogrady

Darcy O’Grady
Head of Human Resources

Image of Robb Nielsen

Robb Nielsen
Advisor (Business Strategy)

Image of Amar Gampa

Amar Gampa
Head of Hardware Strategy and Development

Image of Miro Cernetig

Miro Cernetig
Head of Brand Development

Image of Gary Roshak

Gary Roshak

Image of Amlaz Nanjappa

Almaz Nanjappa
Head of Software and Platform Development

Image of Jami Lah

Jami Lah
Head of Strategic Partnerships

Image of John Occhipinti

John Occhipinti

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