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Destination:  NAQI

Whether it be through mainstream media, social media, conferences, or trade shows, be sure to check in often to follow us on our journey.


Naqi Logix (Naqi), creator of the invisible user interface that allows touch-free, voice-free and screen-free control of all digital devices, and Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (HU) Read More...


The NAQI earbud, developed by Canadian-based Naqi Logix, allows people to use a computer or play a video game in a hands-free or voice-free manner.



A Harrisburg man with a desire to help paralyzed veterans improve their quality of life has created technology that is implanted in an earbud to control devices through head movement. 


Seeing is Believing

NAQI is being developed by a global team that has been responsible for major innovations in biotech and technology. 

Interested in seeing what NAQI can do?  You're at the right place.

NAQI Neural Earbuds

NAQI's Neural Earbuds feature a unique Invisible User Interface that will forever change the global smart earbud market.

Wheelchair Mobility

NAQI Neural Earbuds create an elegant solution to wheelchair control, restoring dignity to millions.

NAQI Gaming & eSports

How will NAQI Neural Earbuds affect gaming and eSports?  Hear from the president of a 4x national champion.

NAQI PC Control

Watch how NAQI Neural Earbuds create a powerful hands-free and voice-free human-machine interface.

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