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Image of Dave Segal

Dave Segal

Founder, Chief Innovation Officer

Dave embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 23. His journey as an entrepreneur is marked by the creation of two cloud-service companies, both of which garnered significant interest from the U.S. military and the private sector before being successfully acquired.


Leveraging his aptitude for pioneering concepts and cutting-edge technologies, Dave has earned over 23 patents throughout the United States, European Union, Israel, Hong Kong, and India. These patents are centered around brain-computer interface (BCI) and micro-gestural computing frameworks, serving as the cornerstone of Naqi Logix Inc.


Dave's inspiration for NAQI was born from his deep-seated desire to aid wounded veterans and individuals with severe spinal cord injuries in connecting with the myriad devices that make up the Internet of Things. After years of dedicated research and development, NAQI has blossomed into a realization of that vision and beyond.


Collaborating closely with an international team at NAQI and in partnership with Harrisburg University, Dave also holds a distinguished role within the university's corporate faculty. His office resides in the University's Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE).


A renowned authority in the field of wearable and emerging neural interface technologies, Dave is a sought-after speaker. He was a featured speaker at 2022 TEDx St. George and was honored as a Keynote Speaker at the 2016 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Applied and Theoretical Computing and Communication Technology in Bengaluru, India.

The Team.

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Image of Mark Godsy

Mark Godsy
Founder, CEO and Chairman

Image of Zavier Alexander

Zavier Alexander
Director of Product Management

Image of Sushmee Badhulika

Dr. Sushmee Badhulika
Advisor (Technical)

Image of Sinan Turner

Sinan Tumer
Chief Operating Officer

Image of Darcy Ogrady

Darcy O’Grady
Head of Human Resources

Image of Robb Nielsen

Robb Nielsen
Advisor (Business Strategy)

Image of Amar Gampa

Amar Gampa
Head of Hardware Strategy and Development

  Image of Miro Cernetig

Miro Cernetig
Head of Brand Development

Image of Gary Roshak

Gary Roshak

Image of Amlaz Nanjappa

Almaz Nanjappa
Head of Software and Platform Development

Image of Jami Lah

Jami Lah
Head of Strategic Partnerships

Image of John Occhipinti

John Occhipinti

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