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image of sushmee badhulika

Dr. Sushmee Badhulika

Advisor (Technical)

Sushmee is an Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad, India. She received her Master’s and PhD degrees from University of California Riverside, USA. She works in the areas of flexible and wearable electronics; sensors and supercapacitors which are funded by the Department of Science and Technology India, Indian Space Research Organization, Defense Research and Development Organization and Japan International Cooperation Agency etc.

She is the author of over 130 research articles and 5 book chapters. She is the recipient of several awards and fellowships, including Young Engineer award from all 4 National Academies of Science and Engineering in India and Suzuki Foundation Faculty Fellowship, Japan. She is the Associate Editor of International journals- IOP Flexible and Printed Electronics, Springer Applied Nanoscience and Elsevier Sensors & Actuators Reports.

The Team.

image of mark godsy

Mark Godsy
Founder, CEO and Chairman

image of amlar nanjappa

Almaz Nanjappa
Head of Software and Platform Development

Image of jami lah

Jami Lah
Head of Strategic Partnerships

image of dave segal

Dave Segal
Founder, Chief Innovation Officer

image of zavier alexander

Zavier Alexander
Director of Product Management

Image of robb nielsen

Robb Nielsen
Advisor (Business Strategy)

Image of sinan turner

Sinan Tumer
Chief Operating Officer

image of darcy ogrady

Darcy O’Grady
Head of Human Resources

Image of gary roshak

Gary Roshak

Image of amar gampa

Amar Gampa
Head of Hardware Strategy and Development

image of miro cernetig

Miro Cernetig
Head of Brand Development

Image of john occhipinti

John Occhipinti

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