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TIME's "Best Inventions of 2023"

Control for Quadriplegics

Naqi Neural Earbuds

OCTOBER 24, 2023 7:00 AM EDT

When David Segal’s friend Keith broke his neck and pelvic bone at 18 and became a quadriplegic, his life changed immeasurably. Keith’s experience led Segal to invent Naqi Earbuds, which he calls “a safe, noninvasive, universal, invisible, and silent command and control system.” Electrical signals made by clenching your jaw or lifting an eyebrow turn into commands; wearers hear a voice to help navigate the invisible user interface. The still-in-­development device could be used to control wheelchairs or smart-home items. Segal sees pro gaming as another arena for the tech.

Check out the full article at TIME and be sure to review the full list HERE.

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