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Naqi Logix has been recognized as an innovation award honoree at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show


Accessibility & Aging Tech

Naqi Neural Earbuds truly represent the next generation of Human-Machine Interfaces.  Our neural earbuds enable users to command, control, and navigate computers, digital devices, smart home IoT devices, robots, and wheelchairs without voice, touch, screens, or cameras. It's everyone's "earbud superpower” that can control almost everything in the digital world — appearing as if the user had telepathy. 

Our neural earbuds will redefine how users interact with technology, creating an entirely new silent and invisible input methodology for the disabled, the elderly, gamers, e-sports professionals, and first responders.  Naqi Neural Earbuds are a safe, non-invasive alternative to brain implants

... be sure to review the full article at CES

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