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NAQI Logix -- a Breakthrough in Human-Machine Interface Without Brain Implants -- is Accepted into the Innovative Solutions Canada Program

Vancouver, Canada, March 8, 2024 – NAQI Logix, a Canadian technology company that has created a new human-machine interface that does not require brain implants, is proud to have been prequalified by Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) as one of the country’s most promising digital innovations for its NAQI Earbuds.

NAQI’s technology platform, which can be integrated into earbuds and other wearables such as glasses and headsets, allows users to control their digital world without the need for voice, touch, screen, or cameras.

Recently selected by TIME as one of the best inventions of 2023, NAQI turns facial gestures and movements into powerful digital commands. The technology is already being used to control wheelchairs, computers, robots, and even 737 flight simulators with the blink of an eye and other tiny facial gestures and movements.

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