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Consumer Electronics Show: Wearable tech aiming to level up life

Updated: Mar 26

Turning on the TV with a wink, skiing on a city street -- the once unimaginable was possible this week at CES, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, thanks to wearable tech innovations.

Here are some highlights:

Earbud Remote Control

You can get a lot done with a nod and wink -- at least when you're wearing the Naqi Neural Earbuds, says Zavier Alexander, Director of Product Management at Canadian company Naqi Logix.

The programmable earbuds contain "biosensors" that detect "electrical impulses your muscles make whenever you make a facial expression," Alexander explains.

They can be set up to control "almost any connected device," he says, from computer mice and keyboards to even a 737 plane simulator.

"Right now we can detect four different gestures... eyebrow raises, eye blinks, opening and closing your mouth. The one that we really like is a jaw flex because it's very subtle."

... Read the full article at Economic Times

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