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The 11 most exciting tech trends of 2024, according to CES 2024

CES 2024 is over, and what have we learned? Well, mainly not to put our hands in wearable ovens or indecently expose ourselves in smart showers. But also, some more serious lessons about where tech is headed in 2024. Yes, this year's CES gave us some fascinating glimpses of how gadgets could change our lives this year – and we've rounded up all of those flashes of insight below.

In short, it's going to be another fun, eventful year in tech. There'll be some slight annoyances – for example, ChatGPT being shoehorned into absolutely everything, and manufacturers tempting us with massive TVs that we can't really afford. But there'll also be some exciting shifts, from the arrival of the first proper AI hardware to the emergence of Bluetooth Auracast and neural headphones.

As fun as they are, we've shied away from some of CES 2024's more exuberant flourishes like transparent TVs and personal robots in our list below. Instead, you'll find a list of all the trends and technologies that are likely to have a genuine impact on your tech life in 2024 – for better or worse. So take a break from your floundering tech resolutions for a moment and join us on a ride through this year's biggest tech trends, as predicted by CES...  

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