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Control for Quadriplegics -" Naqi Neural Earbuds "

When David Segal's friend Keith became a quadriplegic after a severe accident at 18, it spurred Segal to invent Naqi Earbuds—a transformative technology he calls "a safe, noninvasive, universal, invisible, and silent command and control system." These earbuds detect subtle facial movements, like jaw clenching or eyebrow raising, and translate them into actionable commands. The user receives these commands via a voice interface, enabling enhanced control over an unseen user interface. Naqi Earbuds, still in development, offer the potential to significantly improve the lives of individuals with mobility impairments, granting them newfound independence by controlling wheelchairs, smart-home devices, and even finding applications in the fast-paced world of professional gaming.

In summary, David Segal's journey from witnessing his friend's life-changing accident to creating Naqi Earbuds showcases the power of innovation and its potential to transform lives. This remarkable technology offers a bridge to enhanced mobility and control for those with disabilities, and it may extend its influence to entirely new domains, including the competitive landscape of professional gaming

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