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Canadian company named to Time Magazine’s list of greatest inventions of 2023

Canadian company Naqi Logix has earned a prestigious spot on Time Magazine's list of the 200 greatest inventions of 2023 with their groundbreaking earbud technology. This patented innovation leverages gyroscopic sensors and muscle and brainwave sensors to empower users with hands-free control over a wide range of digital devices. Inventor Dave Segal envisions this technology as a game-changer for the world of E-Sports and videogaming, offering a compelling alternative to traditional game controllers. Beyond gaming, Naqi Logix has demonstrated the technology's potential in diverse applications, from flying a 737 aircraft through flight simulation software to enabling individuals with mobility impairments, like quadriplegia, to control powered wheelchairs effortlessly. Former Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan, who is quadriplegic, described the technology as a life-changing breakthrough, expressing the newfound ability to navigate his environment and smart devices simply by looking or blinking his eyes.

Dave Segal, the visionary behind Naqi Logix, believes this invention has the power to transform lives by granting individuals the almost "magical ability" to command and control their world without the need to touch, look, or speak voice commands. The technology's potential for people with accessibility challenges is particularly promising, offering newfound independence and agency. Naqi Logix's commitment to bringing this innovation to the market next year underscores their dedication to making a positive impact on humanity by redefining how we interact with the digital world.

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